International Courier Service

document and parcel international courier service

Express International Parcel and Document Courier

Expressair offers express international delivery options for destinations worldwide. With our close proximity to Heathrow airport, our clients experience the most reliable delivery services throughout the UK and worldwide. It’s this reliability that keeps our customers coming back to us whenever they need parcels or documents delivered quickly, with minimal paperwork.

To speed up the process of our urgent international courier service, Expressair offers an online booking service.

Reliable, Professional Couriers

Whenever we deliver an urgent parcel or document, our professional international couriers ensure that it takes the quickest route to its destination. Expressair has more than 30 years experience delivering quickly to destinations around the world, so you can be safe in the knowledge that our expertise delivers. Our range of options includes and on-board courier service. Please see our other services page for more information.

International Shipping Costs

If the destination you require is further afield or is not a popular destination we ensure that your parcels or documents are delivered via the quickest airline route.

Please contact us to receive a personalised up-to-date quotation and estimated delivery time for your specific needs.
Some examples of our timescales and approximate prices for our international deliveries can be seen in the following table:

City Transit time Prices*
Amsterdam 1 working day From £17.50
Beijing 3 working days From £17.50
Beirut 2 working days From £23.50
Dubai 1 working day From £17.50
Hong Kong 1 working day From £185.00
Hong Kong 2 working days From £17.50
Johannesburg 1 working day From £23.50
New York 1 working day From £21.50
Prague 1 working day From £21.50
Rio de Janeiro 2-3 working days From £29.50
Sydney 2 working days From £23.50

*Prices are an example only and are subject to negotiation. We offer large discounts for regular shippers and high volume traffic.

Delivering to Europe, the U.S and Canada — Same Day Specials

For time-critical and urgent international deliveries of parcels and documents, we provide a same day delivery service to Europe and selected parts of the U.S. and Canada. For more information visit our Same Day Page.

Packaging of Deliveries

We provide heavy duty A3 pouches to keep smaller consignments secure and dry and a range of packaging options for larger deliveries. We always recommend fragile items to be carefully packed before collection.

Contact us

To find out more about our urgent international delivery services, please contact us. You can call us on 033 33 20 21 20, send us an email or use our live chat feature.