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International Express Parcel & Document Courier

Expressair offers express international delivery options for destinations worldwide. With our close proximity to Heathrow airport, our clients experience the most reliable delivery services throughout the UK and worldwide. It’s this reliability that keeps our customers coming back to us whenever they need parcels or documents delivered quickly, with minimal paperwork.

To speed up the process of our urgent international courier service, Expressair offers an online booking service.

Reliable, Professional Couriers

Whenever we deliver an urgent parcel or document, our professional international couriers ensure that it takes the quickest route to its destination. Expressair has more than 30 years experience delivering quickly to destinations around the world, so you can be safe in the knowledge that our expertise delivers. Our range of options includes and on-board courier service. Please see our other services page for more information.

Packing of Documents and Parcels

We provide heavy duty A3 pouches to keep smaller consignments secure and dry and a range of packaging options for larger deliveries. We always recommend fragile items to be carefully packed before collection. If you are unable to provide sufficient materials, we have arrangements with local packing companies who will undertake this on your behalf. We re-charge any packing undertaken at cost price.

Duty and Local Tax Payment

There are two ways that this is accomplished. Expressair’s customer service staff will act upon requests received. To simplify the clients’ understanding please see below explanations:

Delivery At Place (DAP)
Duty and Vat (or local tax) charges will be paid by the importer of the goods once contact has taken place between the local customs broker or agent and the importer.

Delivery Duty Paid (DDP or Free Domicile)
Should you wish to pay any Duty or VAT charges on behalf of your recipient the DDP option can be selected when creating your AWB when booking online.
Please note that consignments will still have to go through the customs process and, once complete, any Duty, VAT and administration.

Dangerous Goods and Lithium Batteries

Regulatory frameworks incorporate comprehensive classification systems of hazards to provide a taxonomy of dangerous goods. Classification of dangerous goods is broken down into nine classes according to the type of danger materials or items present. These are listed below:

  • Explosives
  • Flammable Liquids
  • Flammable Solids
  • Lithium Batteries
  • Flammable Gases
  • Biologicals & Dry Ice
  • Corrosives
  • Oxidising Substances
  • Toxic & Infectious
  • Radioactive Materials

Expressair offers a wide variety of services to clients from around the globe. Transporting dangerous goods is a complex procedure and requires detailed understanding and knowledge of the relevant regulations.

The emphasis of this part of the company is to provide complete dangerous goods logistics service to the customer.

Lithium batteries, commonly used in everyday electric devices such as mobile phones, laptops, watches or cameras are now, according to our agents, being refused by airlines as a standard courier product and therefore Expressair has to use alternative shipment methods to provide the courier service for such type of items.

When shipped, lithium batteries must be correctly identified and classified and in some cases accompanied by Shipper’s Declaration for Dangerous Goods. The package itself must be wrapped in strong rigid outer packaging with additional markings and labelling where needed depending on the specific type of the batteries.

Expressair is making sure that our shipments policies follow the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and International Civil Aviation Organizations (ICAO) standards and regulations. To ensure that all the shipments are processed correctly as well as to your requirements, it’s crucial that items containing the lithium batteries are declared prior to your booking so any potential issues can be identified prior to despatch.

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